Meet the Team

11Jake McKean, Chief Executive Officer of Terminal Solutions

Jake McKean, CEO

Jake founded TerminalSolutions in San Antonio in 2012 and opened the Dallas-Fort Worth office in 2017. Prior to launching TerminalSolutions, Jake worked for Apple as a technician and B2B sales specialist. He also has a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

11Valerie Pokorny, Vice President for Operations at Terminal Solutions

Valerie Pokorny, VP of Operations

Valerie joined TerminalSolutions in 2015 and serves as our Vice President of Operations. Prior to joining TerminalSolutions, Valerie spent 8 years working as a Communications Director for a Texas non-Profit in Austin and as Managing Editor for a non-profit publication.

11Derek Starnes, Senior Managing Consultant at Terminal Solutions

Derek Starnes, Senior Managing Consultant

Derek returned to TerminalSolutions in the fall of 2018 as a Solutions Engineer, bringing to the team 10+ years of experience supporting Mac, PC, mobile devices and other technological equipment. He was promoted to Managing Consultant in October 2019 and to Senior Managing Consultant in December 2021. With his infectious enthusiasm for technology and keen attention to detail, no task is unattainable.

11Kelly Smith, Senior Managing Consultant at Terminal Solutions

Kelly Smith, Senior Managing Consultant

Kelly joined the Dallas-Fort Worth team as a Senior Consultant in 2017 and became a Managing Consultant in November 2018 before opening TerminalSolutions’ Phoenix market in March 2019 and Arkansas market in 2021. He was promoted to Senior Managing Consultant in December 2021. Kelly has more than 16 years of experience in supporting mobile devices, computer hardware, and website administration, including almost 10 years spent as a Genius at Apple.