You’ve been there before. You know how it goes. The black screen of death. The endless beach ball. The mind numbing hum of a dying machine. You’re unable to save. You’re unable to start. You don’t know who to call. You scream, “Please, have a heart!”

It’s grave and it’s gloomy. It’s endlessly doomy. It’s falling apart.

What can you do? What could it be? A faulty connection? A misfiring engine?

Your motherboard’s creaking. Your memory’s peaking. In the catacombs of your mind, you just want to be free.

Should you pull out your hair? Should you pull out the plug? Should you call it a day? Should you call it “the end”? Should you smash the machine? Or man oh man, should you just try one more time to restart again?

We get how you’re feeling. We see it a lot. We know how to help. We know what you’ve got. It’s true we’re technicians; other times, we’re morticians. We’ll find a solution. We’ll help you restart.

You’ll be happy you called us. Our team’s a real treat. You’ll think we’re precocious, and pretty neat. Whatever your problems, we know how to solve ’em. If your Mac’s being a pest, lay your mind to rest. TerminalSolutions is here for you.

Get over a century of experience at your fingertips. Work with our U.S.-based team of Apple Certified Consultants today!
The truth is nothing lasts forever. If you want your systems to live to a ripe old age, you need to maintain them. We’re the different kind of partner you’ve been searching for. We’re here to help you unbury yourself. We take a novel approach – solutions designed around your problems, not our pocketbooks.
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